New Album Release "PEPPER STEW" by Last Fair Deal


Greetings music lovers!

Last Fair Deal is excited to announce the release of our latest album, “Pepper Stew”. The new album is available thru CD Baby, ITunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and all the digital streaming services. The album was recorded at Sandy Brook Studios in Colebrook, CT and engineered by Kenn Morr. It contains six new original tunes and four, cool cover versions of songs we love. 

The originals contain songs written by Tom Hagymasi, Paul Howard & Phil Zimmerman. Tom’s contributions include a couple from his “food phase”. “Heaven’s Grill” is a paean to a barbecue in the afterlife, and the album’s title tune, “Pepper Stew” is a menu for spicing up your time in this life. Paul’s tunes include “Colita”, a trip to a festival fireside in Australia, “Time Will Come”, an observation about the search for meaning and “Tumble On You”, a blues lick subtitled the “Stockbroker’s Lament”. Phil plays banjo and sings a cautionary tale, written with Tom, we call “Just One Thing”.

The cover tunes are “Tracks Of My Tears”, the wonderful melody from Smokey Robinson, “Ballad Of A Thin Man”, some great world play from Bob Dylan, “Coal Tattoo”, an Appalachian mining tune from Billy Ed Wheeler and “Peace, Love and Understanding”, a lyric with appropriate connection to today’s political climate written by Nick Lowe.

We hope you’ll savor this eclectic mix of material from a band that’s been together since the 70’s. 

Enjoy the Stew and please give it a share!


Listen to “Pepper Stew” by Last Fair Deal

Listen to “Pepper Stew” by Last Fair Deal